Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile grooming is when your professional dog groomer comes to you with a mobile station or mobile kit. They come to you and complete the entire grooming at your home and you quite literally do not need to do a thing.

Some mobile dog groomers even handle this for you even when you are at work. There are essentially two types of mobile grooming.

1. In-home Dog Grooming

This is when a professional dog groomer will do a house call. They will bring all their equipment to your home and complete the entire grooming in your home.

This means they will most likely need to use your bath if a bath is part of the package but apart from that they will provide all the other equipment.

The main benefit of this type of mobile service is that your dogs stays in a familiar environment which helps a lot for dogs with behavioural issues. This can make the entire grooming process a lot less stressful.

2. Mobile Van Grooming

This is essentially a dog salon on wheels where the groomer’s van or trailer is completely set up as a mobile salon.

The van or trailer is usually equipped with a bath, dryer, grooming table and all the tools necessary to complete a highly professional grooming service.

This is ideal for pet owners who want the convenience of having the groomer come to them but not have the mess inside their home. This gives them the best of both worlds.

With a mobile grooming van, it gives the groomer the flexibility to move their salon around and gives pet owners the ultimate convenience.

Pet owners who need regular grooming for their pets can even make arrangements for their dogs to be groomed when they are not at home. This gives groomers even more freedom as many pet owners have great demand after hours when they are home.

The Benefits of Mobile Dog Grooming

young man washing and cleaning a black labrador in grooming salon. animals clean and healthy concept.

The benefits of dog grooming goes without saying. Keeping your dog well groomed not only keeps them looking and feeling healthy but it is also important for the health and hygiene of you and your family.

Dogs that are not regularly groomed are music more susceptible to fleas, ticks and lice and this can often go undetected and cause all sorts of health issues in your own home.

Mobile dog grooming comes to you. There is no need to go through all the hassles of taking your dog to a salon – which can be a 2 to 3 hour round trip.

When a groomer comes to your home there is the convenience of not having to leave home and this can reduce stress to your dog significantly.

There is also zero mess. Bathing your dog in your own bath and having it run amok afterwards can take an extra 30 minutes of cleaning up afterwards.

You probably also don’t have any of the professional equipment that a groomer has to give a high quality result.

Above all, a groomer will get the job done. In your crazy busy life, finding the time to actually do proper grooming once a month can be a real challenge. It often gets put off and weeks become months.

If you are looking for mobile dog groomers in Hobart then we would love to be of service to you. Please reach out to us and let our 5-star service take care of you and your fur baby.