7 Reasons To Use A Dog Grooming Service

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A professional dog grooming service can be a huge time saver. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort to groom your dog, you often do not have the tools and expertise to do it properly.

We all have busy lives and dog grooming is no longer seen as a luxury. It is a necessity and keeping your dogs clean and well groomed is essential for their own health and hygiene.

Dogs with long hair need more frequent grooming and the grooming needs of your dog depends largely on the breed of dog. Dog grooming services typically include the following:

  • Brushing
  • Bathing (with appropriate dog shampoo)
  • Shaving, Trimming and clipping (depending on needs)
  • Cleaning ears and looking for infections
  • Cutting nails
  • Brushing teeth (with special dog toothpaste)

These are just the basics and the cost will vary greatly depending on the size of dog and your specific needs. Most dog groomers are very skilled and some specialize in doing more elaborate and special styling.

While many people feel they don’t want to spend money on dog grooming, there are some very convincing reasons for you to strongly consider it. Here are the 5 top reasons for using a professional dog grooming service.

1.Time and Effort

A proper grooming which includes a bath, dry, teeth and nails can take more than an hour – especially if you do it yourself. Most of the time pet owners simply don’t do everything regularly because of time constraints.

Pet owners tend to do a quick bath once the dog start smelling. A proper brush before and after bath is essential to keep your dog’s coat healthy. Brushing teeth and clipping nails once a month is essential.

You can ahd all this over to Dog Grooming Hobart and let a professional handle it all for you. Not only will it save you hours a week but it will keep your dog healthy and happy.

2.Experience and Expertise

After bathing a few hundred digs you learn a few things. Dog groomers are experts at many of the grooming tasks that we all dread.

Brushing a dog’s teeth or clipping their nails can be incredibly difficult – especially if your dog has behavioural issues. A dog grooming specialist knows all the right methods and strategies to do these grooming tasks effectively and safely.

Most dogs really don’t like being groomed. Getting their teeth brushed and their nails clipped is not something they willingly sit still for. Your dog groomer in Hobart is an expert and will know exactly how to handle these situations.

If you require any special hair cuts or special styling then you will probably not be able to do it yourself anyway. Your specialist dog groomer will have the skills and expertise to give you the exact styling you want.


Dog grooming Hobart makes it incredibly easy and convenient to groom your dog. Our mobile dog grooming service comes right to your home and everything is done right on your doorstep.

A mobile dog grooming station has most of the facilities to give your dog a full grooming service. You can also opt for a pick up and drop off service where your dog will be picked up, groomed and then dropped off again.

All of this is designed around ultimate convenience at a very affordable price.


Lets face it, most of us simply do not have the equipment to give our dogs the best possible grooming. Commercial dog bathing equipment, special dog shampoo and toothpaste and the right scissors, nail cutting equipment and ear cleaning buds is not a staple in most homes.

Using human shampoo and human tooth paste along with your own nail clippers can work but it is definitely not recommended.


Like most people you probably bath your dog in your bath. This is almost always a mess and human bath simply is not meant for bathing dogs.

It can also be very unhygienic – especially if your dog has fleas or worms and you need to take particular care to clean the bath after bathing your dog.

A dog groomer has special facilities that is ideal for bathing dogs. Not only will this keep your own bath room nice and clean but it will remove the hassle of trying to bath your dog in your own bath.

Dog grooming Hobart has all the right restraints, tables and seats to make brushing teeth and clipping nails easier.

Is Professional Dog Grooming Worth The Cost?

dog grooming nails

It is true that professional dog grooming comes at a cost. You most certainly can save some money by doing it yourself but for most dogs a professional service is well worth it.

Prices vary greatly dispensing on the service you choose and the size of dog. Many dog owners use a professional groomer once a month and do it themselves in between.

If you consider the time an effort it takes to do it yourself and the fact that a professional have all the equipment and expertise to do it at a level you probably can’t then it is well worth the money.

In the end it is all about giving your dog the very best and a professional groom is definitely the way to go. For less than a hundred dollars your dog will be in tip top shape.