Dog Grooming Products

Dog Grooming Products

Grooming your dog is your responsibility as a dog owner. Grooming is not a luxury but an essential part of keeping your dog looking and feeling their best. As pet owners we love and care for our pets and want to give them only the best.

Keeping your dog’s body odours and shedding hair under control is also a big part of keeping your home looking and smelling like you can invite people over.

Dog grooming is quite a specialist task and professional dog groomers like Dog Grooming Hobart come equipped with a lot of tools, products and experience to back up their training in providing your dog a very professional grooming.

Dog grooming is not expensive but it can add up if you do it fortnightly. Many people opt to do some of it themselves and only get a dog groomer in once a month to do the tasks they struggle with or that they simply do not have the expertise or equipment to do well.

If you are doing some of your own grooming then the following tips regarding dog grooming products can help you do the best job possible.

Dog Shampoos, Conditioners and Coat Treatments

Most people simply put their dogs in the bath and reach for the shampoo and get started. Using a shampoo that is not formulated for canines is a big mistake that most people make.

Some dogs will have allergic reactions to human shampoos and this can be as mild as a slight itch or as severe as a full blown rash. Human shampoos are quite harsh and contain a lot of chemicals that can dry out your dogs hair.

Dogs have natural oils that help protect their coats and using the wrong shampoo can affect these natural barriers to infections. This can lead to a whole host of problems.

Using a good quality organic dog shampoo with a neutral pH is recommended. Your local pet shop or specialist dog store will be able to recommend you a shampoo that is appropriate for your dog breed.

Seasons also affect your dog’s coat and the kinds of shampoos and treatments to use. Many dog breeds shed hair during certain months and dogs also tend to be more at risk to ticks and fleas during certain months of the year depending on where you live.

Tick and flea treatments need to be applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications and only use tick and flea shampoos if your dog already has ticks or fleas. Do not use these shampoos regularly if they are not needed.

Dogs with long hair can also benefit from a special dog conditioner as it will help smooth out the hair and reduce static electricity. It makes bruising much easier and leaves your dog’s coat looking and feeling great.

Ears, Nails and Teeth

Cleaning your dog’s ears and teeth can be tricky – especially if your dog is fussy and on’t like to be tied down.

Dogs that get a lot of human food may need their teeth brushed regularly as sugar and acid in human food can greatly increase tooth decay.

A good quality dog toothbrush with dog specific toothpaste along with a very compliant dog is what is needed to brush your dog’s teeth. Not many dogs willingly let you brush their teeth but using human toothpaste is usually part of the problem as dogs do not like the burning taste.

There are many chewing toys that act as a toothbrush and some of them are well worth trying if toothbrushing is an issue for your dog.

Cleaning ears is yet another important task since the built-up of wax and dirt can cause ear infections which will land you a trip to the vet.

Keeping your dog’s nails short is also important for two reasons. The first is that long nails can cause all sorts of damage to your home and car’s furniture.

The second is that long nails can be painful for your dog to walk and run with on hard surfaces. Special dog nail clippers should always be used as human nail clippers will cause the nails to shatter and that can be incredibly painful.

If you are nervous using clippers then you can also use battery operated nail files that can gently grind down your dog’s nails.

If you do not have the time or the energy to groom your dog, then please feel free to reach out to us at Dog Grooming Hobart. We serve the greater Hobart region with our professional mobile dog grooming service. We come to you and take all the hassles out of grooming your dog.