Why Use Professional Dog Groomers?

Do you have to visit a dog grooming salon? Helping your dog stay clean at all times is a huge task. As easy as it may seem to wash a dog, if you’ve washed a dog before, you’d understand how messy things can become in the cleaning process. Dogs can become anxious with water. Sometimes … Read more

How Often Do you Have to Wash Your Dog?

How often do you have to wash your dog? If you’re lucky to have a dog that doesn’t make issues out of getting washed, you’re saved a lot of dog drama already. If you don’t joke with cleanliness in your home and you’ve mastered the techniques of washing a dog successfully, you may get the … Read more

Dog Grooming and Behavioural Issues

For many pet owners, grooming is a complete nightmare. Some dogs go absolutely crazy when they are being strpped in for a bath and the idea of a toothbrush or nail trimming is just impossible. If this sounds like your dog then hopefully this will help you better understand the behavioural issues that come along … Read more

Dog Grooming Products

Grooming your dog is your responsibility as a dog owner. Grooming is not a luxury but an essential part of keeping your dog looking and feeling their best. As pet owners we love and care for our pets and want to give them only the best. Keeping your dog’s body odours and shedding hair under … Read more

Dog Grooming Tips

Grooming your dog is not a luxury but a necessity. From a hygiene point of view, domestic pets need grooming to keep clean but for the sake of your pet’s own health and well being it is also important. All dogs need to be kept clean and while they probably won’t need a bath every … Read more

Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile grooming is when your professional dog groomer comes to you with a mobile station or mobile kit. They come to you and complete the entire grooming at your home and you quite literally do not need to do a thing. Some mobile dog groomers even handle this for you even when you are at … Read more

7 Reasons To Use A Dog Grooming Service

A professional dog grooming service can be a huge time saver. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort to groom your dog, you often do not have the tools and expertise to do it properly. We all have busy lives and dog grooming is no longer seen as a luxury. It … Read more