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Dog Grooming Hobart

Our convenient dog grooming service comes to you!  We come fully equipped and a qualified dog groomer will pamper your dog and leave them looking and feeling great.  Contact us today!

We Come To You

We make it as easy as possible for you. Our mobile dog grooming services come to you. No need to travel with your dog.

Dog Grooming Specialists

Our dog groomers are professionals. We know how to care for dogs and we ensure only the very best treatment.

Stress Free Grooming

Whether its a bath or a full grooming, our trained technicians will minimise any stress to your dog.

Customized Service

From a standard dog bath to a full grooming we work with you to find the best solution at a fixed price.

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Hobart’s Best Dog Grooming Service

Life is busy and if you are struggling to find the time to meet all the demands on your time, then washing and grooming your dog often gets left behind.

Dog Grooming Hobart is here to help. We offer a professional mobile dog grooming service that comes to you. From a basic dog bath (and blow dry) to a full grooming, our service will leave your dog looking and feeling amazing.

Lets face it, you probably do not have hours to spend washing, combing and blow drying your dog. You probably also do not have the professional equipment and expertise that a qualified dog groomer has.

Our highly trained grooming technicians do much more than bath and groom your dog. We are in the business of caring for dogs. Your dog’s health and well-being is our number one priority.

We cater to the greater Hobart area and our mobile dog grooming service makes it easier than ever before to get a professional grooming without you or your dog having to leave the comfort and “familiarity” of your own home.

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Our professional dog groomers come to you with a range of
dog washing and grooming services to suit your budget 

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Our Most Popular Dog Grooming Services

dog bath

Dog Baths

Professional dog baths with a range of services that includes combing and various shampoo options

dog nail trim groom

Dog Grooming

A variety of grooming packages are available and includes bathing, brushing, nail trimming and much more.

dog hair cut

Specific Cuts

We offer seasonal cuts for winter and summer. We also offer breed specific cuts and can accommodate your specific requirements.

dog grooming styling


We offer a range of styling options to treat and pamper your fur baby and make them look their best.

How Can We Help?

Let’s Discuss Your Dog Grooming Needs & Get a FREE Quote Today

The #1 Dog Groomers in Hobart

Dog Grooming Hobart offers a range of expert dog grooming services to suit your needs. Your dog will get dedicated one-on-one attention from an expert groomer. Our grooming service includes the following:

  • Pre-brushing
  • Premium Shampoos (chosen for your dog’s individual needs)
  • Flea and Tick Treatment
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Towel and Blow Dry
  • De-matting / Removal of Knots

Our expert dog groomers will also help you choose the best clipping and trimming options for your dog. This includes:

  • Hygiene Clips
  • Summer/Winter Clips
  • Breed Specific Cuts
  • Detangling
  • Styling and Fluffy Haircuts

Our ultra convenient mobile grooming service comes to you. This means no more drama with getting your dog to the groomers. Your dog will also feel safer and much more comfortable being at home.

We cater to dogs in all shapes and sizes and whether your dog gets groomed weekly or haven’t had some TLC in a while, we are here to help.

Or prices is based on the service and the size/breed of the dog. We have package deals available and can mix and match any service you may need. Contact us today for a free quote.

Why Choose Us?

We LOVE Dogs

We have a genuine love and empathy for all dogs. Dogs is more than our business - it is our passion.

Impeccable Standards

We maintain the highest standards when grooming your family dog. Your dog's comfort and well-being is our number #1 priority.

Professional Service

We pride ourselves on providing a highly professional service. Our groomers are trained and experienced professionals.

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand by our service 100%. If you are not entirely satisfied with our service then we will make it right.

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1800 326 345

Our professional dog groomers come to you with a range of
dog washing and grooming services to suit your budget 

Our Happy Clients

hobart dog testimonials

Jenna S. (South Hobart)

Really happy with the cut they gave my dog. He came out looking and smelling gorgeous.

hobart tasmania

Darryl P. (New Town)

Morgan is not the easiest of dogs and definitely not a fan of baths. They way they handle him is amazing. Definitely recommended.

dog owner testimonial hobart

Kayla P. (Lenah Valley)

I never have the time to bath Rufus and you take a big job off my hands. Thanks.

Emily H. (Sandy Bay)

Finding someone you can trust with your fur baby can be tough. I am very pleased with every aspect of your service. Thank you. Sunshine is beaming.

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