Why Use Professional Dog Groomers?

Professional Dog Groomers

Do you have to visit a dog grooming salon? Helping your dog stay clean at all times is a huge task. As easy as it may seem to wash a dog, if you’ve washed a dog before, you’d understand how messy things can become in the cleaning process.

Dogs can become anxious with water. Sometimes it takes more than one person to effectively clean a dog. Training a dog for a bath is time-consuming, often futile, and you’d be lucky to have a dog that doesn’t make a fuss when it’s time to wash or bath.

When you take your dog to a groomer, you save some time and energy. There’s a lot of commitment, care, and patience involved in grooming a dog, especially those with special requirements like hairless breeds, puppies, or dogs with behavioral difficulties.

What Dog Groomers Do?

The service of a professional groomer generally involves brushing the teeth, then brushing the body coat, bathing, drying, and trimming. A dog’s groomer uses a brush on the fur or hair of the dog, to smoothen its coat and make foam formation easier, the groomer then proceeds to bath it.

After the bathing process, infection-prone areas like the ears get cleaned. The coat gets dried, and then trimmed. The trimming is done on the hair in areas that include the nails, hair on the ears, hair above the eyes, e. t. c.

Why Use a Professional Dog Groomer?

Here are the reasons why you may need to give the task to a professional dog groomer.


Puppies are usually less anxious than older dogs when it’s time for grooming. Older dogs can become so anxious that they get aggressive. When professional groomers get these kinds of dogs, they may need to use a sedative on it.

You probably won’t have access to such drugs at home. In many other situations, professional groomers may depend on experiences and their understanding of dogs’ psychology. You may not have such an ability or advantage if your dog has behavioural issues.

2.Detecting Health Issues

Many symptoms of diseases may escape us when we relate with our dogs which is highly unlikely for trained dog groomers. In the process of grooming, your dog’s groomer or veterinarian may intentionally check some of its organs or body parts to detect abnormalities that you’d have no idea about. The groomer may detect an injury or more serious cases like internal damage and lumps.

Dogs can be quite energetic. If your dog feels too uncomfortable in the bathroom or cleaning environment, you may be in for some struggle, which is the worst thing to do when forming bonds with your dog.

Some dogs are so big, you would need a helping hand to get through with washing them even if they’re calm and not struggling at all.


The actual time spent in the process of washing or bathing a dog is negligible in comparison to the time spent before and after the washing process. It takes a lot of time to prepare the materials and make a dog comfortable than the process itself.


Professional groomers know exactly where to get dog-specified products like toothpaste, pH balanced shampoo, conditional, and wouldn’t need to improvise with home toothpaste or other products as dog owners often do at home, which can cause serious health complications for the dog.


Dog groomers have the appropriate dog-specified tools for carrying out the cleaning processes while making your dog comfortable. They have groomer’s chair, electric clippers, dog toenail clippers, dog’s toothbrush, comb, e. t. c.

Manage Your Schedule. Dog grooming services are quite popular today. You can manage your time more efficiently by leaving the dog to the dog groomers that would most likely do a better job. There is also a common trend of home dog grooming service or mobile dog grooming service.

The service providers move from one location to another with vehicles that are fully-equipped with dog specified tools, products, and excellent dog handlers.

Dog grooming is an important responsibility for you as a dog owner. Whether you do the cleaning process yourself or decide to give it to a professional dog groomer, the reality remains that the dog is directly affected in your decision.

A clean and happy dog is the joy of dog owners. When you put your dog in the care of dog groomers, in addition to your dog getting cleaned, your dog may get the opportunity of being diagnosed with underlying illness or infection that you can’t find out for yourself without the tools.